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The production of ladders represented by company ELKOP, Ltd. has more than 25 years old tradition. ELKOP belongs between the biggest private companies in a region of central Slovakia. For this long period the company obtained excellent name behind which is hidden a quality and safety of our products in connection with good services and best prices. Thanks to this and also thanks to increasing demand and constant innovations we have reached excellent competitive advantages.
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High-quality hand and garden tools
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Explore 3M, the diversified technology company with leading positions consumer and office; display and graphics; electronics and telecommunications; health care; industrial; safety, security and protection services; transportation and other businesses.
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PILANA TOOLS with its 650 workers is in the process of dynamic development and is one of the biggest producers of tools in Europe. The tools are made of the best-quality steel in accordance with DIN and ISO standards. The quality is closely watched at each production stage. For the highest precision the most up-to-date equipment is used: Laser, CNC grinding machines, CNC milling machines, automatic furnaces and other automatic and semiautomatic machinery.
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The Sola product range includes more than 1,500 articles: spirit levels, rules, folding rules, measuring tapes, set squares etc. up to the very modern electronic laser level. All of these measuring tools are sold under the brand name Sola.
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STORCH develops, manufactures and provides you with tools, machinery, auxiliaries and corresponding services for the painting, decorating and plastering trade. STORCH supplies you with both, single products and complete system solutions. We have just one goal: we want to increase the productivity and profitability of your company through more effective work procedures or by savings when buying the tools you need. The STORCH service is an important support to you.
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Perfection to every detail, durable materials, high quality steel – these are the distinctive characteristics of YATO products. Under this brand you can find tools for three types of applications: automotive repairs, construction and garden works. YATO hand and pneumatic tools are successfully used by the specialists in many areas of industry. Exceptional durability allows application of YATO tools in intensive industrial and automotive conditions.
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Claber, a strong, major corporation, the frontiers of research, total service reliability and the love for gardens and nature are the components of excellence contained in every Claber product. With a range of complete, tangible and innovative solutions that are in constant development to guarantee customer satisfaction and exceptional irrigating performance by the “Masters of Water”.
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Arnetoli Motor

К активной деятельности компания «Арнетоли Мотор» приступила в 1984 г. Благодаря широкому применению передовых технологий и постоянному изучению потребностей покупателей компания в короткое время стала одним из самых крупных производителей аксессуаров к триммерам. Компания «Арнетоли Мотор», сертифицированная в 1998 году по ISO 9001, всегда отличается неизменно высоким качеством производимой продукции. В настоящее время компания располагает площадью более чем 4500 кв.м, на которой осуществляется весь технологический цикл по производству нейлоновой триммернои лески, триммерных головок, пластиковых ножей, металлических дисков, защитных масок, ремней и других аксессуаров к триммерам.
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ARTEMO- Testrut is engaged in the retail and wholesale market for more than 70 years. Today we trade with an exclusive product assortment with over 7,500 items, which features by our own brands and designs. As a concept-oriented company we develop forward looking solutions for the domestic and international trade. In doing so the duration and quality of our customer relation comes to the fore.
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The manufacture of dies in Bučovice was initiated on 1st May 1963. On that day the manufacture of circular dies up to H8 diameter was transferred to original buildings in the town form Prague - Žižkov. In 1964 the manufacture of tool steel taps up to H8 diameter was also transferred. The manufacture range was gradually increasing. From the very beginnings, the Bučovice premises have been incorporated into Ždánice Tools.
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Cleaning machines by professionals for professionals: this is the goal that the company G. Staehle GmbH u. Co. KG is pursuing with its columbus brand. This goal has remained the same since the company was founded. Yet today it requires more than just a range of machinery for easy and effective cleaning. Professional users expect more. And they get more.
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Bürstenhersteller OSBORN International liefert alle Arten von Drahtbürsten und Technische Bürsten wie Rundbürsten, Topfbürsten, Walzenbürsten und Sonderformen.
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Topex products are addressed at do-it-yourselfers - persons independently repairing and improving their homes. Thanks to continually improved quality and maintaining attractive prices, Topex tools are more and more often selected by professionals. Thinking of its customers, the company has established and develops a laboratory where tools are subject to stringent strength and quality tests. Performance data are of great importance to small service companies as they enable them to maintain competitive prices of the services provided without reducing safety and quality of workmanship.
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FLO to oferta narzędzi ręcznych, spalinowych i elektrycznych niezbędnych w pielęgnacji terenów zielonych, ogrodów, działek, tarasów i balkonów. Narzędzia FLO znajdują uznanie u specjalistów ze względu na korzystną cenę, ciekawe wzornictwo oraz ergonomię pracy.
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Agro - CS

Aa successful company for a long time, a company that cares about its reputation and that considers its personnel, its customers and its trademark to be the most important assets. One of the biggest producers of potting soils and fertilisers in Europe. Company strives for developing and maintaining harmonic relations both within the Company and outside the Company and hopes their products will brighten the environment.
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Компания была основанная Джованни Франки в 1783 году. Компания, начавшая свою деятельность, реализуя семена на площадях и улицах, в 20-ом веке достигла уровня индустрии. В 1960 году компания достигла статуса современной компании, механизировав систему отборки семян и упаковки. Традиции компании сохранились до сих пор, подтверждая неизменное качество продуктов в технологическом плане и надежность компании с неустанным ростом на международном рынке семян.
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BESK ir starptautisks zīmols, kas cenšas nodrošināt patērētājus ar kvalitatīvu produkciju. BESK uzskata, ka cilvēkam, lietojot jebkuru produktu, jājūtas ērti un komfortabli un, lai produkti atvieglotu darbu un ļautu pilnvērtīgi atpūsties. Šis bija viens no galvenajiem iemesliem kāpēc BESK sāka produkta testēšanu un ražošanu. BESK zīmols ir radies 21 gs. Veidots speciāli Eiropas tirgum. BESK produkcija ir tendēta uz ES valstīm un galvenokārt uz Baltijas valstīm. Katrs produkts tiek ražots atbilstoši ES standartiem. BESK savus produktus izgatavo pēc augstākām tehnoloģijām. Pirms produkcijas masveida ražošanas, tas tiek pārbaudīts speciāli izveidotajās laboratorijās. Šīs pārbaudes ir ļoti nozīmīgas, jo BESK šādā veidā cenšas nodrošināt kvalitatīvas produkcijas nonākšanu tirgū un pārbaudītu to, vai šis produkts būs ērts patērētājam, jo viens no BESK mērķiem ir tas, lai patērētājam produkts būtu viegli lietojams un tā lietošana radītu komforta sajūtu. BESK produktu klāsts tiek papildināts katru dienu, līdz ar to ar katru dienu BESK atvieglo cilvēkam kāda darba izpildi.
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Since 1936, Sakrete has been a leader and innovator in concrete and concrete-related products, establishing the industry and revolutionizing the way concrete is used in construction and home repair. Sakrete led the way for premixed bagged concrete and was the first company to provide concrete specified for strength, not proportion, which continues to this day. The Product Sakrete is a name that is recognized the world over and our products are available throughout the US, Canada, Asia, Europe and Latin America. Sakrete of North America products are manufactured at more than 45 plants around the continent by our extensive network of licensees who uphold Sakrete’s unwavering commitment to quality and product performance.
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