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Vorel represents the largest share of TOYA SA product range. Brand includes hand tools and construction and pneumatic power tools. The distinctive feature of the Vorel tools is a good brand and a wide price range. Vorel has more than 4000 articles, which help to work in the household and DIY shops.
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Aqua Tank

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Since more than 40 years Aquasystem means reliability and safety in water systems. It has been among the first Italian manufacturers of expansion and surge tanks with interchangeable membranes. Nowadays the production capability reaches 600.000 pieces per year all produced according to the latest technologies and paying attention to the environmental respect. Our efforts range over from a thoroughly research on the best raw materials to the introduction and use of hi tech production processes. On those basis all Aquasystem® product range is PED 97/23/EC compliant and reached all the most important international certifications such as ACS, WRAS and GOST. Moreover Aquasystem is ISO9001:2000 certified by TUV body for the design and production process of expansion vessels and surge tanks
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Die BESSEY Gruppe steht für hochwertigen Präzisionsstahl unter dem Dach der BESSEY Präzisionsstahl GmbH und ist Weltmarktführer für professionelle Spanntechnik und Schneidwerkzeuge. Bessey produziert Zwingen, Scheren, Handwerkzeuge, Scheren, Spannwerkzeuge, Schraubzwingen, Tempergußschraubzwingen usw.
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Bohle is an international company – with German roots. The products are exported to more than 100 countries worldwide; exports account for approx. 60% of sales. In order to best recognize requirements which vary from market to market, Bohle is close to the customer: with their own companies in Europe, North America and Africa and more than 100 agents worldwide. Under you can enter your country to find the Bohle company or trade partner where you can purchase Bohle products.
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Testrut is engaged in the retail and wholesale market for more than 70 years. Today we trade with an exclusive product assortment with over 7,500 items, which features by our own brands and designs. As a concept-oriented company we develop forward looking solutions for the domestic and international trade. In doing so the duration and quality of our customer relation comes to the fore.
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Fiskars is a leading global supplier of branded consumer products for the home, garden and outdoors. Fiskars products are renowned worldwide for their functionality and cutting-edge design, and the group boasts a strong portfolio of trusted international brands such as Fiskars, Iittala, and Gerber. Fiskars' associated company, Wärtsilä Corporation, is also an important part of the group. Fiskars is listed on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki. The group recorded net sales of 748 million euros in 2012, and employs some 4,100 people in over 20 countries. Founded in 1649, Fiskars is Finland's oldest company.
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FLEXAR - это широкий выбор гибких абразивов высокого качества. Шлифовальная бумага для различного применения, абразивные губки. Привлекательная упаковка для розничной торговли и высокое качество продукта, которое удовлетворит дяже самого взыскательного профессионала.
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Предприятие KRAUSE в городе Альсфельд, германской земли Гессен, было основано в 1900 году и имеет уже вековые традиции в области производства и сбыта подъёмных конструкций и сооружений. За это время динамично развивающаяся фирма выросла в признанную на интернациональном рынке международную группу предприятий с промышленными и торговыми филиалами в Польше, Венгрии, России и Швейцарии. Среди прочего в нашем обширном ассортименте представлены пожарные лестницы, стремянки диэлектрические из стекловолокна, стремянки алюминиевые, деревянные, анодированные, лестницы универсальные и раздвижные, телескопические стремянки, шарнирные лестницы-трансформеры и многое другое.
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Master Furniture

Работающие над созданием мебели мастера крайне трепетно относятся к качеству и характеру исполнения каждого изделия. Мебель невероятно комфортна, полностью эргономичная и, конечно же, очень уютна, предназначена для максимально комфортного отдыха. Master Furniture предлагает корпусную мебель, комоды, кровати и мебель для спальни, а также многое другое. Спальные гарнитуры и мебель для дома, отвечают высоким требованиям, совершенное качество исполнения, эксклюзивность и увеличенная функциональность любого предмета коллекции.
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NEO is a wide range of high-class workshops and building tools, designed for heavy loads and high working intensity. NEO offers tools to the most demanding users; tools that are indispensable in workshop and mechanical tasks, joining, measuring, full range of building and decoration works. NEO is also an advanced solution for the transport and storage of tools. NEO manufacturing process includes modern materials and technologies which guarantee durability and reliability. Neo symbol is a warranty for unchanging quality. NEO tools are designed for professionals, who are looking for the upmost durability and quality. This brand is also dedicated for advanced automotive fans who need premium class, reliable tools to go on with their car or motorcycle passion.
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Power Up

POWER UP – power tools for more demanding DIY. The brand's features are good quality and prices. It includes ex. impact drills, grinders, rotary hammers, water pumps, electric pressure washers, hot air guns, planers, glue guns and soldering guns.
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Raco Expert

The Raco brand is synonymous with a product line that utilizes intelligent engineering, ergonomic design and precision manufacturing to supply the European market with quality garden tools and watering systems at affordable prices. The very foundations of product standards in Europe Have been a key factor in the way the Raco brand has developed over the past decade. From a uniform packaging system, foreign logistic support, European quality management, innovative designs, imported material & machinery and environmentally friendly product packaging. Raco brings to market a world-class brand.
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Development and production of tools round the cable, pliers, striking tools and shank chisels
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Roteko Company deals with the production of plastics in rotary moulding technology. Innovative technical solutions in connection with the strong logistic support highly present the company as the reliable business partner. Rich offer of products is the answer for the current market trends. Offered products are characterized by the highest quality of workmanship and interesting design. We offer products manufacturing upon request as well as on customer-provided forms. Our contracting parties achieve the competitive predominance thanks to low costs of production, high efficiency of production lines and professional logistic base.
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