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Topex products are addressed at do-it-yourselfers - persons independently repairing and improving their homes. Thanks to continually improved quality and maintaining attractive prices, Topex tools are more and more often selected by professionals. Thinking of its customers, the company has established and develops a laboratory where tools are subject to stringent strength and quality tests. Performance data are of great importance to small service companies as they enable them to maintain competitive prices of the services provided without reducing safety and quality of workmanship.

Starotājs lāzera
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Starotājs lāzeraStarotājs lāzera
Starotājs lāzeraStarotājs lāzera

Starotājs lāzera

Дальность - 10м; погрешность -0,5 мм/м; вес - 3,5кг; артикул - 29C909.
Serial number Parameters In the storehouse Number Price
JUPT29C909 до 10 м 0
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76.30 EUR
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TOPEX Self leveling laser level - 10м;TOPEX Self leveling laser level - 10м;
TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONъ Laser wavelength 635 nm Laser class 2 Laser power < 1mW Power supply 4 AA batteries, 1.5 V Estimated battery life 30 hours Operating temperature -10ºC to 55ºC Levelling range < 6º Levelling stabilization time 5 seconds Weight 0.35 kg Accuracy /- 0.5 mm/m Working area 10 m CONTENTS Self-levelling laser level1. Tripod2. Plastic base with thread for tripod attachment3. Plastic case4. Batteries5. TOOL PARTS (1) Electric power supply indicatora. Projection mode switchb. ON/OFF switchc. Laser light aperture (NEVER look at the source of laser d. beam) Battery compartmente. Attachment hole in the basef
Rotējošs lazera līmeņrādis 30MRotējošs lazera līmeņrādis 30M
Līmeņrādis lāzeraLīmeņrādis lāzera
Длина 400 мм 2 призмы, штатив


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