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VERTO is a choice of power tools and power tool accessories in a popular class, designed for home tasks and small craft jobs.

All those who carry out small renovation and building works, woodworking and fitting, will find that VERTO includes tools for drilling, screwing, sawing, grinding, sanding and many other jobs, and allows to work easily with popular building and construction materials.

VERTO products are designed for regular use in moderate load tasks, typical for renovation and decoration.

VERTO is well accepted among tinkerers who carry out ambitious works at home with no aid. At the same time those tools are perfect for professionals who are looking for simple solutions.

Vibroslīpmašīna VERTO 150 W

Vibroslīpmašīna VERTO 150 W

Машина шлифовальная VERTO вибрационная 150W подошва 90 мм х 187 мм, кол-во оборотов 11000 мин.-1, наждачная бумага
Serial number Parameters In the storehouse Number Price
JUPT51G325 150 W
1 19.67 EUR
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