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NEO is a wide range of high-class workshops and building tools, designed for heavy loads and high working intensity.

NEO offers tools to the most demanding users; tools that are indispensable in workshop and mechanical tasks, joining, measuring, full range of building and decoration works. NEO is also an advanced solution for the transport and storage of tools.

NEO manufacturing process includes modern materials and technologies which guarantee durability and reliability. Neo symbol is a warranty for unchanging quality.

NEO tools are designed for professionals, who are looking for the upmost durability and quality. This brand is also dedicated for advanced automotive fans who need premium class, reliable tools to go on with their car or motorcycle passion.

Instrumentu kaste 21', 550x210x180 mm

Instrumentu kaste 21', 550x210x180 mm

21', 550x210x180 mm
Serial number Parameters In the storehouse Number Price
JUPT84113 21'', 550x210x180 mm 2 25.18 EUR
17.70 LVL

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