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Professional audio system PA/25 Blaupunkt
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Professional audio system PA/25 Blaupunkt

Professional audio system PA/25 Blaupunkt

The BLAUPUNKT PA/25 Audio system is designed for extremely demanding users who appreciate sound quality in any environment. This device was created by professional audio systems. A solid casing, powerful amplifier and high quality speakers (two 38 cm speakers) are just a few of the features of this product, perfect for your business, gym or any other place where you enjoy listening to high-quality sound and your favorite music. The maximum PA/25 player power is 1900W, and with the proper configuration, the system guarantees unrivaled sound quality.


Spread music from smart devices with the built-in Bluetooth module. The PA/25 has a control panel on the back of the device and a set of connectors - AUX output and input, USB connector and SD memory card slot (maximum capacity 32 GB). You can also listen to music from all kinds of notebooks, mobile devices, wired cables. The PA/25 Player also uses professional connectors like XLR and standard RCA input. The PA/25 player reads MP3 / WMA audio tracks. The Equalizer installed allows you to set the sound parameters according to your needs and choose the desired frequency.

If you do not have a hand-held music device or media, you still have the ability to listen to music with an integrated FM tuner with up to 99 radio stations saved in memory.


This entire device can be controlled using the remote control supplied in the kit. For your convenience, there are soft wheels, a handle and special niche on each side.


Power supply: 100-240V
Slots: USB, SD, AUX
RCA and XLR connectors
FM radio, MP3, Karaoke
FM radio memory saves up to 99 radio stations
Supported audio tracks: MP3, WMA
Remote control
Power: 1900 Watts
Serial number Parameters In the storehouse Number Price
MCRPA25 1 368.99 EUR
259.33 LVL

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