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Качественный садовый инвентарь и товары для дома и Сада.
Для  садоводов- любителей и профессионалов в уходе за растениями, земли, травы и цветов!

Snow /Ice melter / ANTI ICE - 25°C /
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Snow /Ice melter / ANTI ICE - 25°C /

Snow /Ice melter / ANTI ICE - 25°C /

Granules for fast and effective product for melting the ice and pressed snow. Calcium chloride acts quicker than traditional materials such as salt and sand.

Calcium chloride is completely safe for plants and animals and completely biodegradable.
It is extremely effective – 15-20 g of product removes ice from the area of 1m2. Quick and reliable ice and snow removal at the temperature of up to - 50°C.

Does not leave any trace of shoes, pavements and other surfaces. It is recognized as a environmentally friendly product.

Where Calcium Chloride can be used:

Snow: icy and snowy roads, roofs, roads, car parks, pavements, railway platforms, stairs, driveways, runways, rainwater gutters and various types of equipment, prone to icing.


- comparing to the other ice melting materials, penetrates ice faster and deeper
- does not leave any traces of the asphalt and pavement tiles
- does not damage concrete
- not toxic for people, animals and plants
- ensures a lasting effect (up to 72 hrs)

Allows to remove ice and snow quickly and easily!
Serial number Parameters In the storehouse Number Price
MCRRE63 94 - 98% / 1 tonn - 40 pcs (1 pallet) 5
By order
698.00 EUR
MCRRE63 1 Pcs / 25kg 6 30.00 EUR
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