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Since more than 40 years Aquasystem means reliability and safety in water systems. It has been among the first Italian manufacturers of expansion and surge tanks with interchangeable membranes. Nowadays the production capability reaches 600.000 pieces per year all produced according to the latest technologies and paying attention to the environmental respect. Our efforts range over from a thoroughly research on the best raw materials to the introduction and use of hi tech production processes. On those basis all Aquasystem® product range is PED 97/23/EC compliant and reached all the most important international certifications such as ACS, WRAS and GOST. Moreover Aquasystem is ISO9001:2000 certified by TUV body for the design and production process of expansion vessels and surge tanks

Membrāna hidroforam

Membrāna hidroforam

Artikuls Parametri Noliktavā Skaits Cena
CIT81060 Artikuls: ME012ALitri: 8-12 LØ (mm): 45 3 5.26 EUR
3.70 LVL

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CIT81062 Artikuls: ME050ALitri: 35-50 LØ (mm): 80 1 9.72 EUR
6.83 LVL

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CIT81063 Artikuls: ME080ALitri: 60-80 LØ (mm): 80 14 25.79 EUR
18.13 LVL

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CIT81064 Artikuls: ME100ALitri: 100 LØ (mm): 80 7 40.66 EUR
28.58 LVL

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CIT81067 Artikuls: ME200ALitri: 200 LØ (mm): 200 1 118.12 EUR
83.02 LVL

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CIT81068 Artikuls: ME300ALitri: 300 LØ (mm): 200 4 101.26 EUR
71.17 LVL

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