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For more than 50 years, TUBESCA has been serving professionals and has acquired unbeatable experience in access and work at high levels. 
TUBESCA, with a 50% share of the market, is naturally the uncontested leader in France.

The marketing choice
The marketing policy is based on very close partnerships with distributors specialized in sales to professionals: 
hardware stores, industrial suppliers, building material stockists. 
Products for the building industry. 
Distributors profit from the expertise and the image of the manufacturer to boost their sales.

TUBESCA bases its development on the permanent search for improvement and the creation of new products. 
The leading concern is to meet in time all changes to 
the requirements of tradesmen and be the leader in all major domains:  
safety, resistance, comfort and use.

Kāpnes "ALU ECO PLUS", alumīnija 123 cm - 239 cm
Citas bildes:
Kāpnes "ALU ECO PLUS", alumīnija 123 cm - 239 cm

Kāpnes "ALU ECO PLUS", alumīnija 123 cm - 239 cm

Made in France , vienpusīgas (maks. 120 kg)
Artikuls Parametri Noliktavā Skaits Cena
10051 3 pakāpieni, 123 cm 1
Pēc pasūtījuma
26.75 EUR
18.80 LVL

Ielikt grozā
10052 4 pakāpieni, 146 cm  1
Pēc pasūtījuma
28.17 EUR
19.80 LVL

Ielikt grozā
10053 5 pakāpieni, 169 cm 1
Pēc pasūtījuma
32.58 EUR
22.90 LVL

Ielikt grozā
10054 6 pakāpieni, 192 cm 1
Pēc pasūtījuma
39.41 EUR
27.70 LVL

Ielikt grozā
10055 7 pakāpieni, 216 cm 1
Pēc pasūtījuma
56.77 EUR
39.90 LVL

Ielikt grozā
10056 8 pakāpieni, 239 cm 1
Pēc pasūtījuma
61.90 EUR
43.50 LVL

Ielikt grozā
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