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THE THOUGHT BEHIND a bench from Sjöbergs is that you as the user, can decide what functions it should have and also its appearance.

The top of the Stockaryd bench is produced in beech with traditional, sturdy and secure guiding of the shoulder vice. Shoulder vice is easily adjustable. Item 33110 is our most frequently sold bench top for the workroom! In our assortment, you can also find Octagon and Kvadraten. Bench dogs are always included!

All of our products are manufactured locally by companies in Småland, Sweden. In order to offer complete solutions for woodworking classrooms, we co-operatewith other companie in the trade!

Ēvelsols Hobby Plus 1340 birch

Ēvelsols Hobby Plus 1340 birch

Lengte van de werktafel : 1340 mm
Totale lengte : 1470 mm
Breedte : 500 mm
Totale breedte : 630 mm
Werkhoogte :820 mm
Gewicht : 32 kg

CUPBOARD 0042 No 33374
Breedte : 985 mm
Hoogte : 460 mm
Gewicht : 16kg
Artikuls Parametri Noliktavā Skaits Cena
MCRTD33281 1
Pēc pasūtījuma
695.00 EUR
Ielikt grozā
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