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Under the brand name SLON we offer to you built - in and wall wardrobes, dressing rooms, as well as modular furniture for your bedroom and living room, all produced according to your wishes and designs. 

Wide range of production materials allows our customers to create unique interior designs and realize the wildest designer solutions. We have inventive solutions even for most selective customers, such as wardrobe doors produced from glass, covered with film, to which using the latest technology we can transfer any image that you desire. And the new feature of the season - sliding doors with engraving or sand-blasting treatment of mirror and glass.   

But how to create your own unique wardrobe? It is very easy: you only draw the sketch of the wardrobe that you would like to have or describe it to us in words. Our specialists during continous consultations with you will transform these ideas in to the project and you will have exatly the the furniture that you imagined.  




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