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The Salmon logo was created in the very early days of the company, when the two founders, Fred and Bill Coward, were trying to decide upon a suitable brand for their products. The name "Hill" Brush was because the company started in a small building beneath Castle Hill in Mere, Wiltshire. You can clearly see the Hill when passing on the A303 link from London to Exeter, but it was thought at the time that an image of a Hill was not very appealing to them.

Both brothers were keen salmon fishermen, and thought if they used a "Salmon" as their logo, it would remind them of their favourite pastime, when not selling brushes.

The "Salmon Products" logo is now recognised as a mark of quality for many different types of cleaning equipment used all around the world.

Пластиковый Совок

Пластиковый Совок

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EEKAMSCOOP2 260 x 60 x 110 mm
5 9.56 EUR
6.72 LVL

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