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Flexovit markets include thin wheel, coated abrasive, bonded abrasive and superabrasive. Flexovit's world is one of grinding, cutting, sanding and polishing.
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All KRESS tools are made in Germany/Switzerland. From the development stage right through to the after-sales services, only the highest level of quality is sufficient for the professional requirements of our customers. We meet the expectations of our customers every day with every single tool. All processes and components are constantly monitored and optimized.
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For more than 50 years, TUBESCA has been serving professionals and has acquired unbeatable experience in access and work at high levels. TUBESCA, with a 50% share of the market, is naturally the uncontested leader in France. The marketing choice The marketing policy is based on very close partnerships with distributors specialized in sales to professionals: hardware stores, industrial suppliers, building material stockists. Products for the building industry. Distributors profit from the expertise and the image of the manufacturer to boost their sales. Innovation TUBESCA bases its development on the permanent search for improvement and the creation of new products. The leading concern is to meet in time all changes to the requirements of tradesmen and be the leader in all major domains: safety, resistance, comfort and use.
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Originally a Finnish company, during the last 30 years Makroflex has significantly expanded its business operations and today undoubtedly ranks among the best known brands in the industry. Having started with the production of polyurethane foams, our product range includes today also a wide range of sealants and polyurethane insulating elements. While our production plants are located in Finland and Estonia, our distribution network has widened all over Europe.
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TONA, a.s. Pečky was founded in 1892 as an iron foundry. During the following years the range of products gradually changed and after having manufactured agricultural machines and industrial tools, TONA started to make professional tools in the 1950s. At that time the forge was built - it was a decisive step to production program stabilization. Step by step, manufacture of all types of wrenche and spanners was introduced: open-end, combination, ring, hex-key and pipe wrenches. The sets called "Gola" were a part of the production program as well. The company also successfully completed the development of deflecting beam torque wrenches and launched their production.
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Production capacity and human resources of “REBIR” RSEZ JS allow to provide the implementation and monitoring processes of the development, production, testing, quality control, sales and service of power tools during the full products life cycle from idea till utilization. “REBIR” constantly conducts modernization of the products based on information gathered during market research, as well as the consumers’ needs and wishes analysis. Despite the fact that “REBIR” is implementing a program in order to expand industrial cooperation, with both European and Chinese partners, we can definitely state that the quality of processes and products manufactured today satisfy the production requirements of our factory in Rēzekne.
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Коллекция «ENYO» состоит из отделочных инструментов, которые используют маляры и штукатуры на протяжении всей работы. Штукатурные шпатели, затирки и миксеры, комплекты кистей, макловиц и валиков, которые имеют удобную цветовую кодировку и делятся на 4 основные вида: BASE, SOLVENT, HYDRO, WOOD для работ с различными клеями и красками. ENYO – качественный и удобный отделочный инструмент по самой лучшей цене.
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Our knowledge of sawblade applications and technology provides an opportunity to begin a dialog with customers to deliver innovative sawing solution. MPS - A foundation of trust and close working relationship with our customers has resulted in rapid growth. MPS - A brand that defines trust and innovation.
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Jau kopš 1991. gada Latvijas ražošanas komercfirma "NOOK, LTD" ir specializēts zāģripu ar cietkausējuma plāksnītēm, tērauda zāģripu, zāģu vertikālajiem gateriem un ēvelnažu ražotājs. Zāģripu izgatavošanai uzņēmumā tiek izmantotas jaunākās ražošanas iekārtas un tiek izgatavots vairāk nekā 400 zāģripu veidu diametrā no 80 līdz 800 mm. Uzņēmums ražo zāģripas mitras, sausas, cietas koksnes, skaidu plates, MDF plātnes, presētā kartona plātnes, lamināta plātnes, papīra, plastikas un alumīnija profilu griešanai, zāģripas ar dažādu zobu daudzumu, dažādiem profiliem un asinājuma leņķiem, ar jebkura izmēra iekšējo diametru, ar dažādām kiļrievām, stiprinājuma urbumiem, ar dažādiem stiprinājuma veidiem, ar skaidu izmetējiem, ar siltuma kompensatoriem, siltuma kabatām, vara kniedēm. Uzņēmums veic zāģripu ar cietkausējuma plāksnītēm remontu un asināšanu kā arī, tiek izgatavotas nestandarta zāģripas un cita veida produkcija pēc klienta pasūtījuma un rasējumiem.
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KNIPEX specialises in the development and production of high-quality pliers and is Europe's leading manufacturer of these products. History It all started back in 1882 when C. Gustav Putsch set up his own forge shop in Cronenberg (now a suburb of Wuppertal). We are an independent fourth-generation family company. Specialists We concentrate our knowledge and expertise on pliers. This is the only way to justify our claim we are the best supplier in terms of quality, innovation and efficiency. Our success is assured by 800 qualified employees and we attach the greatest importance to their basic and advanced training.
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Edsbyn, situated in the heart of the Swedish forest country, about 300 km NW of Stockholm, has long been a centre for forestry craft industry associated with timber and wood industries. In the past, forestry workers from the surrounding villages travelled to Edsbyn to purchase their tools or to have them repaired by the local blacksmith. Quite often they also brought with them own ideas and views on how to design and improve existing tools. This lead to a natural development of the tool industry in the region. In the middle of the 20th century, Edsbyn had several small industries, making axes, saws, and different hand tools for forestry workers. Today, G-Man Tools AB is proudly carrying on the tradition of saw making, maintaining the high quality, by the use of Swedish raw material and modern manufacturing techniques.
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Bello Geardino

Bello Geardino - садовая мебель польского производителя. Продукция отличается высоким качеством исполнения и уникальным, современным дизайном. Качество и оригинальность мебели удостоверяется сертификатами качества.
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n 2000 the acquisition of another KZNG plant in Przedborz enabled production of a new range of tools: hatchets and axes. At the same time, woodworking plant INTERWOOD in Miastko was also acquired by TECHM£OT and secured supplies of high quality wooden handles. At this stage, the company considerably increased its share in the domestic market and started expansion to new foreign markets. New brand of professional tools GARDEN PRO turned a great success and TECHM£OT tools were widely appreciated. Today, in spite of enormous tools supply and a very high level of production in Europe , customers from more than 40 countries in the world recognize the quality of our tools and our offer has yet increased in value.
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Loctite Super Attak is the worldwide flagship brand to solve all instant glueing needs. Loctite offers a complete range of instant adhesives to solve any bonding problem, including difficult to glue materials like plastics and glass.
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В настоящее время PlantiCo, фирма, действующая на польском рынке семенной отрасли. Производит семена из 20 сортов растений и 13 сортов цветов. Является владельцем свыше 170 измененных овощей и свыше 100 измененных цветов. В PlantiCo выращивают такие овощи как: брокколи, свекольная свекла, лук, спаржевая фасоль. И семена гороха, укропа, моркови, огурца, красного перца,помидоров и многого другого.
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FARAONE GROUP, leader in ladders, platforms, stage and scaffoldings. The company's objective is to be at the top and then the management is involved in a continuous work of professional modernization. Faraone Group has for a long time exceeded the borders of the national market and consolidated its presence conquering quotas of market also thanks to the acts of the two European branchs (office) in Polonia and Denmark.
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The plant produced the abrasive tools (cut-off wheels, grinding wheels, cutting wheels, flexible abrasives, cut-off discs, polishing wheels), and crucibils.
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Hitachi Europe Ltd employs over 500 people in 13 countries across Europe, Africa and the Middle East. We have 9 business areas: rail systems power and industrial systems information systems digital media and consumer products display products industrial components and equipment air conditioning and refrigeration manufacturing systems procurement and sourcing Our head office and Design Centre Europe are in Maidenhead, UK, and we also operate research and development laboratories in Cambridge, Munich, Paris and Sophia-Antipolis.
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