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Germans Boada, S.A., RUBI®, has its origins in 1951 with the invention of a manual cutter for hydraulic mosaic work, created by the Boada brothers. This new tool had an excellent reception receiving a diploma of honour and the gold medal at the first national exhibition of inventions, held in Barcelona in 1953. The new tool, christened with the name of RUBI® served as a foundation pillar for this company which now designs, manufactures and distributes machinery and tools for the construction industry specialising in tile laying equipment and along with other building materials.
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The Salmon logo was created in the very early days of the company, when the two founders, Fred and Bill Coward, were trying to decide upon a suitable brand for their products. The name "Hill" Brush was because the company started in a small building beneath Castle Hill in Mere, Wiltshire. You can clearly see the Hill when passing on the A303 link from London to Exeter, but it was thought at the time that an image of a Hill was not very appealing to them. Both brothers were keen salmon fishermen, and thought if they used a "Salmon" as their logo, it would remind them of their favourite pastime, when not selling brushes. The "Salmon Products" logo is now recognised as a mark of quality for many different types of cleaning equipment used all around the world.
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The first fold-flat disposable mask ever was invented by Evert Segersten in 1968. Mr.Segersten's sons developed the concept of the Segre fold-flat style and a few years later, in 1973, they launched production of these unique maskas. The logic and comfortable shape of the masks soon inspired other mask producers around the world to make similar masks. However, still today the superiority of the Segre mask is obvious to every user. In 1983 Segre AB launched a new concept of masks. By using a new electrostatic material, that could filter more types of particles, a mask with higher dust loading capacity and low breathing resistance was produced. This was the Segre CN-mask.
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The brand includes modern, common use power tools. It is placed in the middle class of products. Its features are good price, modern design and good ergonomics. Tools for DYI and households. for users who appreciate quality for good price. STHOR brand includes ex. circular saws, impact drills and angle grinders.
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Worldwide the TYROLIT Group belongs to the leading suppliers, which offers grinding tools with abrasives in all grit and bond types as well as a comprehensive range of dressing tools. The TYROLIT world brands have not only won an outstanding position in the global marketplace. They are worldwide known brand families and represent the performance potential of over 80,000 different TYROLIT products. Innovation is a driving force in this process. TYROLIT customers profit from extensive advice: economic and ecological solutions are worked out together with TYROLIT. Embedded within the dynamic internationally active entrepreneurial Swarovski Group, TYROLIT has the independence and support to realize its long-term corporate objectives.
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“A family business is more than just a company. Our vision for the future to achieve a market and customer focused alignment and to take calculated risks for growth is derived from our family’s tradition and its accompanying values.” Martin Krengel, Vorstandsvorsitzender WEPA Industrieholding SE WEPA is a family business that is currently being run by the three Krengel brothers and the Management Team. The future is rooted in the past – therefore, the values of the founder are still the basis for the behaviour and the appraisal of the management, the employees as well as the way we treat our customers and suppliers. Values and income return are closely linked. This balance has made WEPA one of the TOP 5 European manufacturers of hygienic paper – the takeover of the Kartogroup was financed internally.
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ll over the world, people are actively securing all they care about; their home, their family, their personal belongings or their business with the name they trust the most, Yale. That’s why we proudly say that Yale is “the world’s favourite lock”. Yale is the brand behind locks of every design and function in over 125 countries. As one of the oldest international brands, today’s Yale is among the best-known and most respected names in the lock industry, with millions of Yale locks in use worldwide. At Yale, we take great pride in our beginnings. Everything we are today, we owe to the inspirational ingenuity of Linus Yale Senior and Linus Yale Junior. Yale is a part of the ASSA ABLOY Group. At ASSA ABLOY, we believe that freedom enriches people and that fear makes us poorer. To realize freedom, we must firstly feel safe and secure. That’s why the ASSA ABLOY Group of companies is committed to creating high quality door opening solutions.
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Качественные и практичные садовые инструменты сочетающие в себе лучшие современные дизайн- технологии, в том числе, специальные конструкции лезвия и рукоятки. Благодаря усиленным креплениям инструменты отличаются повышенной износостойкостью, легкостью и надежностью. Самый большой акцент поставлен на прочность и обеспечение максимального удобства работы с инструментом "ARUNA"
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Today DOLLE-Wohnregale offers the entire spectrum of shelving systems and brackets for wall mounting, skilfully and all-inclusively made by one producer. The range of the materials includes wood, plastic and glass to steel, aluminium and zamak.
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Bahco professional hand tools are designed and manufactured by SNA Europe , company with over 150 years of heritage; strong expertise in innovating and manufacturing the most advanced tools and building long-term partnerships with distributors.
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Brüder Mannesmann

Der Handel mit Werkzeugen begann 1977. Zu diesem Zeitpunkt erwarben die Brüder Schafstein, Anteile am heutigen Unternehmensverbund. Zunächst wurden Handwerkzeuge und Do it Yourself-Produkte importiert, später kamen technische Artikel und Elektrowerkzeuge hinzu. Brüder Mannesmann Werkzeuge bietet dem Handel derzeit drei Werkzeuglinien.
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Lai būtu vieglāk orientēties plašajā KNAUF produkcijas klāstā, tas ir sadalīts atsevišķās būvmateriālu grupās: sausās būves sistēmas grīdām, sienām, starpsienām un griestiem; ģipša, cementa un kaļķu–cementa apmetumi uzklāšanai ar roku vai mehanizēti; īpaši ugunsdrošie materiāli Knauf Fireboard; stiprinājumu tehnika un metāla profili. Visplašākajam patērētāju lokam KNAUF ražo flīžu līmes, šuvju aizdares, silikonus, celtniecības un sadzīves ķīmiju. Firma piedāvā jaunākās tehnoloģijas, servisa pakalpojumus, kā arī mašīnas un instrumentus. KNAUF nodrošina kompleksus risinājumus, piedāvājot visus konkrētā darba veikšanai vajadzīgos materiālus no viena ražotāja.
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The collection offered by NAREX BYSTRICE s.r.o. is comprised of hand tools, consisting predominantly of screwdrivers and woodworking chisels. Ninety years of hand tool production has led to improvements in quality, through the use of superior materials, advanced heat treatment and also from the development of the tools’ design. The incoming raw material is checked carefully, to ensure that the output is a high quality product – a hand tool for a wide spectrum of craftsmen. Consistent monitoring of manufacturing processes and the final quality control inspection guarantee customers’ satisfaction. The quality of all PROFI screwdrivers is underpinned by a close cooperation with a German company SKG. The top quality of “PROFI” tools is underpinned by compliance with DIN ISO standards, upon which our whole production is based. These standards guarantee the hardness, toughness and accuracy of the working part of our screwdrivers and chisels.
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As leading German provider of pneumatic equipment for industry and trade, we offer flexible solutions for the most varied user groups. From generation, through treatment and distribution to the use of compressed air - our product range ensures fast and simple working and excellent results.
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THE THOUGHT BEHIND a bench from Sjöbergs is that you as the user, can decide what functions it should have and also its appearance. The top of the Stockaryd bench is produced in beech with traditional, sturdy and secure guiding of the shoulder vice. Shoulder vice is easily adjustable. Item 33110 is our most frequently sold bench top for the workroom! In our assortment, you can also find Octagon and Kvadraten. Bench dogs are always included! All of our products are manufactured locally by companies in Småland, Sweden. In order to offer complete solutions for woodworking classrooms, we co-operatewith other companie in the trade!
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TOP TOOLS is a range of basic hand tools designed for light renovation and finishing-decorative tasks. TOP TOOLS covers the simplest solutions for cutting, sawing, screwing, drilling, bending, driving nails, joining, measuring, plastering, glazing and panel flooring, small jobs with wood and metal. TOP TOOLS products are designed for small renovation jobs at home and allotments. We recommend TOP TOOLS to beginners in tinkering.
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With over 40 years´ company tradition A|K|E is one of the world's leading manufacturers of circular saw blades and cutting tools. We deliver our products to the industry, but also to resellers specialized in this field. AKE specializes in the production of custom made tools as well as highly sophisticated standard machine tools. Together with our partners from Industry and Science, we continuously develop innovative tools for milling, routing and cutting.
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La GAV di Brendola (VI) produce raccorderia ed accessori per aria compressa ed aerografi dal 1974. Le caratteristiche che hanno reso possibile il riconoscimento e l'apprezzamento della GAV nel mercato, vanno ricercate nell'elevato livello tecnologico che si esprime in sperimentazioni ed innovazioni costanti. Inoltre la GAV vanta una produzione di grande serie in virtù di un processo produttivo completamente automatizzato tale da soddisfare, anche per grosse forniture, tempi di consegna ottimali. La gamma di modelli disponibili e allo stesso tempo l'accuratezza con cui è rifinito ogni singolo pezzo rappresentano per la GAV il punto d'incontro di ricerca, tecnologia, automazione e servizio.
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Limex doo is privat company established 1982. and from that time Limex has produced products from steel. Particularly, in last ten years, Limex has become fame in quality, and competiteveness abroad. Limex exports own products in more than 30 countries. MODERN COMPANY IN CROATIA On December 11, 1999, the new company was built and plant equipment with dimensions around 10 000 m2, process capacity 15 000 tones of steel by year and anual turnover of 30.000.000 EUR per year. Basic program contens around 50 products.
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